Vandaag weer een nieuwe DIY, dit keer om gedroogde bloemetjes te maken en die vervolgens leuk in te pakken om via de post te versturen. De DIY is in het Engels, ik hoop dat jullie het begrijpen!

Translation: Today I'll show you how to make your own dried flowers and how you can keep them in tact. It's very nice to send such dried flowers by mail!

Things you need:
- Transparant tape
- Glue
- Phonebook
- Flowers (you can get them out of your own garden, or steal them *evil*)
- Cellophane
- Scissors
- Coloured paper
- Stapler

First of all you need to get some flowers. I got these violets (they're violets, right?) from my own garden. Then you put them in a phonebook (or any other thick book which you don't use very often)

After that you have to make sure that there is enough weight that's pressing on the book with the flowers inside. I used this pile of books. You have to wait quite a while until the flowers are dried enough, I waited for a week, but I think they're ready for use after 3-4 days.

Cut a little bag out the cellophane. (I'm sorry for my dirty desk...)

To make a real little bag, you have to close both sides with the transparant tape.

This is how it looks like after having closed both sides with the tape.

Put one of your dried flowers in the little bag.

Close the upperside with a coloured paper. I decided to use floral paper.

Use the stapler to stick the paper to the cellophane bag.
TADAAAA: Your own dried flower in a lovely bag. Ready to send! :)

15 opmerkingen :

  1. Het is zo simpel, maar ik zou er niet opgekomen zijn, zó leuk! :)

  2. Dat ga ik zeker een keer proberen :)

  3. Aww, what a lovely diy! Thanks for sharing it with everyone! :) I'll definitely have to do that someday as I always thought dried flowers looked so nice! :)

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I look very much forward to your letter! :)

  4. wat een leuk idee, wie weet ga ik het wel eens gebruiken! (:

  5. wat superleuk dat je dat ook leest! pitty in de derde is echt een aanrader, het gaat over diana, een aanstelligere amerikaanse en marion, die verbeeld dat ze een operazangeres is, echt heel leuk!
    liefs! ♥

  6. Wat super schattig gedaan! Geweldig! :) x


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