Wat heb ik toch weer veel post ontvangen en verstuurd de afgelopen week! Bereid je dus maar voor op een lange post vol met mooie post.
Translation: I sent out a lot of mail the last couple of weeks and also received quite a lot! Be prepared for a long post with a lot of beautiful mail!

Sent to DENISE - The Netherlands:

Sent to INGVILD - Norway:

Sent to SENNE: - The Netherlands:

Sent to CHRISTEL - The Netherlands :
Sent to LINDA: - The Netherlands: 

Linda's blog is called Let's do the Penguin. When I was in the thriftstore I came across a really nice penguin card which I had to buy for her! I also made a "How to draw a penguin-tutorial" for her which I found on the internet. Funny, don't you think? :)

Received from MANON - The Netherlands:
This letter has been travelling for about 3 weeks. It was damaged in the mail and today I received her letter with an excuse form from TNT-post.

Received from YASMEEN - USA:
I think that Yasmeen's letter is the longest I've received so far. It was 23 pages, and she made some sort of little book from her letter. She also decorated the backside of the envelope by writing my name in a lovely handwriting.

Received from INGVILD - Norway :

Received from LINDA - The Netherlands
Linda's letters always make me laugh, she writes so funny! She put some lovely cards in the envelope with her favourite quotes. She also made three lovely labels with my name & blogname.

20 opmerkingen :

  1. die van die pinquin is leuk, haha! Mooi gemaakt hoor! liefs.

  2. Oh, wat superleuk! Ziet er echt prachtig uit. Wat ben je toch creatief. :)

  3. Wat een leuke, creatieve brieven weer :D

  4. Leuk!
    Wat ben je creatief!
    Mijn post gaat morgen op de bus!
    XoXo LadyShannen

  5. die pinguinpost is echt heeel gaaf! leuk!

  6. aw die pinguinpost is echt mooi! gelukkig heb je mijn eerste brief,er is er denk ik dan nog eentje te laat want ik heb vorige week mijn 2e op de post gedaan. haha, liefs.

  7. Oh wat gaaf zeg! Ik krijg spontaan zin om brieven te gaan schrijven haha!

  8. Wowwow, het ziet er weer prachtig uit.

  9. got my letter! :) Thanks for posting it here on your blog! Mine looks horrible compared to everyone else, lol. Next time, I'll make my letter better :) Hopefully, I'll be able to typewrite it!

    Ohh...I love that letter you sent to INGVILD and I love that vintage penguin postcard sent to LINDA! :)

  10. Dat met de pinguïn is leuk gedaan :)

  11. Haha, die van de pinguin is echt heel erg leuk (:
    Ik vind het sowieso leuk, zo'n brievenschrijfproject!

  12. leuke dingetjes weer zeg! echt crea! liefs.

  13. Super veel zeg! Leuk om mijn dingetjes terug te zien ♥


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