Sunny Sunday

The weather outside is amazing! I just laid in the sun in my bikini for 1 and a half our and it was lovely! :)
Last night was great! I went out with 5 of my friends, we had a great night. (not mentioning the hangover, sssttt)  and we had a sleep over at my friend Anna and had a delicious breakfast this morning. This afternoon I'll go to church and tonight Anna will have diner here and after that we'll meet with some friends of our church.
Yesterday at Queensday I bought this amazing leather bag for only €1,- I'll take a picture of it tomorrow to show you :)

My diary

Sign at my sister's bedroom door, it says: Visitors

Book: Je blijft by Anna Drijver, for only €1,50 at a Queensdaymarket

Book: De Eetclub by Saskia Noort, for €3,- at a Queensdaymarket

My inspirationbook with different pieces from magazines

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