Beauty and the Tragedy

I had a great day yesterday! In Holland, on May the 5th, we always celebrate our current freemdom after the Second World War. In Wageningen, a town nearby my hometown Ede, there is a big festival every year with a lot of artists, so of course I have been there as well! I went with 5 of my friends, we watched Ilse de Lange (Dutch singer) who I think is great, she had got an amazing voice, and sings perfectly, even live.
We spent de evening at so-called Dancesquare, I think there were about 1000 people, it was so busy, and little me, I was crushed by everybody. But the music was great, and after all I had an amazing night! (I will post some pictures later)

Tonight I'll go to the centre (it's late opening) with my little sister to buy some presents for "Mothersday" this Sunday. And of course just shopping :)
So for now, have a nice evening!

Below here, a few pictures of me today. Oh and the title of this message is from Beauty and the Tragedy by Trading Yesterday, lovely band :)

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